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Sapna Shrestha, Jomsom   Sep 15, 2014
Although Quebec Skilled Worker reached its cap and will only be opening in 2015 plz let me know how long will it take for a Nurse to get a PR? Had heard that Nurses get promptly sorted with their case, true??
Yup. Nurses are getting PR sooner than other others QSW occupations.
kailash karki, Butwal   Sep 14, 2014
may i know what is the Express entry 2015 in canada, n also may i can apply for there or nor .i have ielts score is (listen-4.5, writing-5,speaking-5.5 and reading -3.5) n i have passed +2 n aroud 4 yrs of experience in kitchen area n now i m in UAE...haha bro.. plz its eligible for that not plz advise me. thank yu very much n good luck...always.
We are not authorized to give any information without having the clear announcement of CIC. I heard other consultancies are collecting the documents and reserving the clients which is bad. Could you please wait till January for the clear announcement of Canada Government?
nabin khanal, lalitpur   Sep 14, 2014
i have a Bachelors in science Bsc. is it equivalent to the eligibility standard for application? how much point do i secure by it?
Radhika, Nepal   Sep 14, 2014
I have received quebec file no in feb 2014. how long can i wait for quebec selection certificate? my profession is PCL Nurse.
You need to wait at least 1 year after file number for Quebec Selection Certificate. Processing depends on your status after file number, whether you have taken the french language or not, whether you have used the lawyer and confirmed for french class in Quebec or not..... They may take up to 3 years after file number....
roshan , dharan    Sep 13, 2014
I apply before 31 july 2013 but I didn't get any information about my quebec selection . does quebec open file for business group
Give me your name, number and occupation in which you applied for. I am sure you are not kandyy client.
prakash pudasaini, kapan   Sep 13, 2014
i evaluated myself and got about 58 points only from ielts, age, work experience and bachelor degree. can ur firm help me in getting 67 from 58?
There is no possibilities of adding the points from our firm.
raj poudel, chovar kathmandu   Sep 12, 2014
I have completed bachelor in Engineering (Electronics and communication) and i have acquired 1 year experience in relevant field.Can this 1 year experience works for immigration? Can you give me the detail about score /points and some suggestion to apply ?
As you have 1 year experience, you need to score good marks on IELTS GT. For IELTS, each band 6.0 is mandatory.. If you want us to calculate your points, send your cv at
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